Our Strengths

Teaching and training young minds to interact with the world competently and successfully is a serious matter that requires the utmost dedication and resolve. Many educational institutions simply boast of such aims and visions without securing the proper infrastructural and institutional backing to ensure the same. As a school, our central aim is to act as facilitators and continually enhance our capabilities so as to provide our wards a range of options to chart their future success and happiness in. The following salient features enable us to do so:

  • Limited class strength for personalised attention: We maintain a healthy student-teacher ratio to make sure no student feels neglected.
  • A specially designed NCERT curriculum: We follow an integrated, transdisciplinary curriculum that focuses on a life-centered and hands-on approach.
  • Remedial classes for weak students: We believe in the inherent worth of each and every child and so ensure those whose strengths lie outside conventional academics are not left behind.
  • Value education: We emphasise as much on regular academics as value-based education, wishing so to instill a sense of duty and responsibility in every child along with equipping him/her with the knowledge needed to survive in the world today.
  • Healthy encouragement of extra-curricular activities: We provide all our students with a range of extra-curricular activities to choose and participate in without putting any undue pressure on them to do so.
  • Part of a wider cultural legacy: We are sponsored by the more than 100 year old DCM Shriram Group and promoted by Sir Shriram Social Development Society. Our visions take on and are part of the larger DCM ethos of competence and sustainability in everything.
  • Excellent infrastructure: We boast of a safe, secure and soothing learning environment. We have a modern, well designed, air-cooled school building, a spacious auditorium, extensive playgrounds, a huge stadium and a well maintained, full size swimming pool. Part of this infrastructure are a variety of specialised labs provided with state of the art computing equipment to help us maintain a healthy balance between theory and practice.
  • Affiliated to CBSE: Our school is an English medium, co-educational, affiliated to Sr. Sec. level CBSE Board New Delhi running Science ,Commerce and Humanities stream.
  • Affordable fees: We firmly believe that education is not a business and accordingly our fee structured is based on a sustainable model instead of the usual maximum profit archetype.
  • An effective transportation system: Our bus network covers the whole of Kota city and neighbouring areas, allowing us to safely ferry students to and fro from their respective homes.

July 2019

RTE Time Frame

Book List: Session 2018-19

3rd November 2018 - DIWALI CELEBRATION

14th November 2018– CHILDREN'S DAY (SPORT DAY) Celebration

23rd November 2018 – GURUNANAK JAYANTI Celebration