Meet our Interns

We have interns who started their internship program at DBDS. Our interns have striking qualities and passion in their own field. Let’s find out how these interns are special from other youngsters. What is it, which made them so different and have been chosen by DBDS to fulfill his dreams?

July 2017

  • Devin Chowdhury

Let’s get to know something special about him.  

Devin Chowdhury Devin Chowdhary

Hi, I am Devin Chowdhury and I’m currently studying my undergraduate in Psychology at the University of St Andrews in Scotland.

I have a passion for traveling and meeting new people from a wide range of backgrounds. It has helped shaped my perspectives and ultimately led me to pursue an international education at the University of St Andrews. Along, with exploring opportunities such as this one. At Dr. Bansi Dhar School, Kota, I was able to observe the education system with great depth, while having individual sessions with students that gave me insight into their perspective of their time in the class room. This led me to have a better understand of Indian culture and gave me an in-depth look into the lives of the future generation.


July 2013

  • Hakima Mehna Afzaly
  • Ngoc Nguyen
  • Zahra Jamila Ikra

Let’s get to know something special about them.  

Hakima Mehna Afzaly Hakima Mehna Afzaly

I am Hakima Mehna Afzaly, perusing 2nd year Bachelors of Liberal Arts in Asian Studies from Asian University for Women. I am an Afghan by birth and have lived and explored four other neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, and Iran.

I am passionate to know about women’s rights and work for their rights, therefore, my major research papers from the classes I have been taking include

  • Rights of Women In Asian Societies
  • Role of Women in Religion and Social Changes

Ngoc NguyenNgoc Nguyen

My name is Ngoc Nguyen from Vietnam. I am perusing 2nd year Bachelors of Liberal Arts in Asian Studies from Asian University for Women. My major includes Religion Studies, Language Studies, and Psychology. I got chance to explore new culture and lifestyles of two countries like Bangladesh and India.

I love traveling and acting. I would like to meet new people and listen to their stories in order to learn from them.

Zahra Jamila Ikra:Zahra Jamila Ikra:

Hi, I am Zahra Jamila Ikra, a Bangladeshi. I am currently pursuing a BSc with a major in Biological Sciences and a minor in Psychology at the Asian University for Women. Having been in science throughout my educational life, I take profound interest in biochemistry and the cellular and molecular aspects of biology.

My passion for reading and writing has led me to become the creative writing editor at the university magazine. I find myself exploring myriads of thoughts and culture as I read through the writings of my peers. I also write for myself- as an active blogger, and as a contributor to an online youth magazine.

Throughout my years at AUW, I have researched and presented on topics ranging from Efficacy of Grameen Bank as an Intervention to Effect of Snail Transcription factor in Human Prostrate Cancer Cells.

Being at the Asian University for Women, I have had the opportunity to be a part of a culturally diverse environment and that has helped me build and mould my perspectives in a much better way.

July 2012

  • Jyoti Rahaman
  • Kalhari Gunarathna
  • Shalu Sabestian
  • Soumya Susan Cherian

Let’s get to know something special about them.

Jyoti Rahaman Jyoti Rahaman
Hi, I am Jyoti, pursuing BA 2nd Year from Asian University of Women, I am a Bangladeshi by Nationality. Major research papers that I have contributed till date are

  • Influence of Revolutionary Struggles in Shaping Power, Identity, and Resistance of Women in China.
  • Syncretism in Bangladesh
  • Telecommunications Industry in Japan
  • Electronic Sweatshops and the Issues of Human Rights in China

All of the above topics were of great interest and were challenging too. Doing these papers gave me an insight to culture of Japan, Bangladesh and China. This is my first visit to India, after this visit and internship program at DBDS, Kota Rajasthan, I shall be acquainted with Indian culture too. My other achievements include success in Language Competition, and The International Children’s Film Festival of Bangladesh.

Kalhari Gunarathna

Kalhari GunarathnaHi, I am Kalhari, Currently pursuing BSc, Environmental science from Asian University for Women. I am passionate about the researching on Environment Science related to social science, thereby doing my research under Prof. Jenny Brian on ethics of Geo-engineering climate projects.

Other than my passion, I am a good artist as well as Athlete. I enjoy painting.

I am Sri Lankan by birth, and got an opportunity to explore the culture and life style of other 2 neighboring countries like Bangladesh and India.

Shalu Sabastian

Hi, I am Shalu Sabastian, currently pursuing Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Asian University of Women. Nationality- Indian. My major paper topics include

  • Information and Communication Technology for Agriculture in Zimbabwe
  • Importance of bilateral solution of Ganges water sharing problem between India and Bangladesh

Few of my voluntary work through which we can give back to the society includes

  • AUW Teachers Society: Teaching the slum children -Basic English lessons
  • CLAP: Volunteer for CLAP organization for social awareness program in Bangladesh

Soumya Susan Cherian

 Hi, I am Soumya, I am pursuing 3rdYear Bachelors of Liberal Arts in Asian Studies from Asian Universityof Women. I am an Indian from God’s own country-Kerala. Few of my Research papers and Book reviews include

  • The BhopalGas Tragedy: An Example of Human Rights Violation
  • The Future of Industrialization and Urbanization in India
  • An Exploration of Indian Diaspora
  • Exploring the Theme Gender in Boys Over Flowers
  • Bride Kidnapping among the Ethnic Kyrgyz in Kyrgyzstan
  • Abolition of Ie and Existence of Gender Inequality in Japan
  • Foot-Binding and High Heels as Forms of Oppression
  • Mao: A Destructive Leader
  • Book Review on Civil Islam
  • Book Review on Global Social Movements

Other than the above, my hobbies are film making and creative writing.

  • Created a short film:A Smile Afar
  • Wrote two chapters
July 2019

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3rd November 2018 - DIWALI CELEBRATION

14th November 2018– CHILDREN'S DAY (SPORT DAY) Celebration

23rd November 2018 – GURUNANAK JAYANTI Celebration