Internships, Learn by doing
Internships, Learn by doing

In an increasingly competitive, globalizing context, education is no longer about just academic excellence. Indeed, for even as today’s multi-faceted, multi-cultural environment demands greater involvement in concerns other than the purely academic, it also expects a commitment to academic interests which makes the act of balancing difficult. Substantiating one’s skill  set in a particular domain with hands-on, practical experience is more or less imperative today.

Interning with an organisation which would enable you to do so, is just such an option. Dr. Bansi Dhar Sr. Sec. School accepts voluntary interns in a wide variety of disciplines within the larger, educational context. Interns are treated as part of the larger school staff and are assigned specific classes based on their preferences, for first observation of our teaching methodologies and then, subsequently, putting these experiences in practice. Healthy interaction between teaching faculty and interns; and interns and students is actively encouraged.

Inviting Interns Our internship program details are as follows:

Duration: 4-6 weeks (extendable in case the subject demands).
Area of Internship: To be recommended by candidate
Boarding facility: Yes
Lodging facility: Yes
Age criteria: 18+ years.

(If applicant is a Minor, he/she should be accompanied by an adult.)

Remuneration: Not applicable

Applicants must send in a neatly typed cover letter giving a concise overview of their area of interest and why they consider themselves suitable for this opportunity. Resume must catalogue educational qualification, areas of interest/hobbies and professional experiences, if any. 

Internship programs for international candidates

Internship opportunities located outside one’s country come with their own unique set of challenges but for an individual who wishes to explore different cultures, languages, and areas of study or make a difference regarding a cause they are passionate about, such internships are worth the effort. The benefit of pursuing internships in other countries varies based on location and area of study and often relies on the ability of an individual to fund his/her involvement while successfully completing the internship. Not surprisingly, individuals seeking internships located outside their country of origin usually have a keen interest in the country they will be travelling to and often the area of study involved is one that offers far more gainful experiences than they may be able to achieve locally.

Our internship program is designed to facilitate just such experiences. We welcome Non Resident Indians (NRIs) and foreign citizens to experience our unique teaching methodologies and partake of our resources in a mutually beneficial manner. International candidates may apply on the same basis as Indian citizens. A cover letter detailing interests in the manner indicated above and a resume will be expected. As for Indian interns, accommodation will be complementarily provided by DBDS. Teaching expectations too will be similar; interns will be assigned classrooms in accordance with their stated preferences and regular teaching staff will act as mentors during the internship process.

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