Our aim is to ensure all-round, holistic development of each one of our wards. Accordingly, we act as facilitators and gear our students to Learn to Live with the motto Child Centered Education perpetually in mind.

School Cuuriculum
Our curriculum is specifically designed to enable as much. Like many others, we too are an English medium school and follow CBSE curriculum, but our pedagogy is rooted deeply in the ethos of competence building and value education. We maintain a healthy balance between classwork and homework and seek to so assign school work as to allow students ample time for outdoor activities and for familial interaction.

For students of Nursery, KG and lower primary, we employ the play-way methodology. Children of this age group are particularly susceptible to influence and our aim is to make just the right kind of first impressions on these tender minds. Instruction in these classes is a mixture of orientation in the basics of mathematics and the alphabet and of proper value education in morals and ethics. This is complemented by ample outdoor activities and by such games as allow expression of creativity.

For students of middle and high school, the emphasis shifts to balancing academics with extra-curricular activities. Besides such subjects as Science, Social Science, Mathematics and the rest, subjects a compulsory part of CBSE curriculum, we also offer courses in Work Education, Art and Craft, Music, Physical Education and Health and Computer Science. General Knowledge and Moral Education continue to form an integral part of our training pedagogies for these classes.

Another important part of our pedagogy is the facility of remedial classes. Our remedial programs do not stigmatise children for being weak in academics; instead, recognising the inherent worth and difference of each child, we work to bring those students whose interests lie outside conventional academics to contemporary standards of minimum learning while simultaneously encouraging them to pursue their field(s) of interest.

Last, but not the least, enrichment programmes form an integral part of our academic calendar. These programmes are a series of experiences and assignments that serve to broaden students’ horizons by confronting them with challenges outside the purview of their daily interactions and thus inculcating a sense of interrogation, analysis and experiment.

July 2019

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3rd November 2018 - DIWALI CELEBRATION

14th November 2018– CHILDREN'S DAY (SPORT DAY) Celebration

23rd November 2018 – GURUNANAK JAYANTI Celebration